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Please Note

This website is not being updated - it is really only kept as a placeholder for the old Winson Owners Website.  I am leaving the information up here as a resource for anyone who might find it useful.  FYI, the last time I edited the site was in August 2018 when I checked/fixed/edited one or two of the links.

HOWEVER, if you are looking for the files that used to be on this website I have some good news for you.  You can find them here:

The 'Wayback Machine' web.archive website keeps snapshots of the web going back to around 1996 so the contents of many old website can be obtained from here.

Baldwin Owners

Nicholas Crook wrote to me on 9th August 2004 thus...

"Dear Nigel,

I am now very happy to tell you the Baldwin I acquired last year, after a year of "tinkering" and modifications, is now successfully hauling passengers at my local track. I hope the attached photo keeps the inspiration going.

I would be more than happy to help any fellow owners.


Nicholas Crook

Let me know if you want to contact Nick.

lyn_nc.jpg (414840 bytes)

45xx Owners

John Baskett wrote to me on 6th March 2004 thus...

"Dear Nigel,

...I am now pleased to tell you that after much design modification & testing I have finally now steamed the loco for the first time & completed several circuits of my local track. I would be delighted to offer any advice to any other builder who may be encountering their own problems. Please see the attached pic taken during the first run.


John Baskett" 020 8462 7028

Let me know if you want to contact John

45xx.jpg (89759 bytes)

Latest 5" Britannia/9F Goodies from Doug Hewson (as at Jan 2004)

Exhaust Steam Injector
Exhaust_InjecK_04LR.jpg (17240 bytes)
Exhaust_InjecK_06LR.jpg (15908 bytes) Exhaust_InjecK_05LR.jpg (16577 bytes) 

Class K water valve
Water_Valve_K2LR.jpg (25643 bytes)

Important Information for Former Customers of Winson Model Technology
Jon Spalding, Mark Watkins and his wife Gillian Watkins have been banned from being directors of a company for 5 years.  Click on the article below for full details.  (Please note that ModelWorks, who bought Winson's assets following its demise, have nothing to do with Winson or its management)

spalding_watkins.jpg (117825 bytes)

Pictures of Alfredo Campanini's Tiger Tank

Click here to read Alfredo's article abut how he built his beautiful Tiger Tank

Want to get better access to your model?  Find out how Roger West turns his over here

Stolen Locomotive!

I am sorry to say that one of our number, Mitch Barnes, has had one of his locos stolen.  For details please click here.

Take a look at John Clarke's latest tank pictures here

Sneak a peek at the ModelWorks factory by clicking here

More pictures of the 'General' here

Wembley 2002

New products announced by ModelWorks at the show included:
- a BR 16 ton Mineral Wagon (designed in collaboration with Doug Hewson)
- a 5" Gauge GWR 5700 class Pannier Tank Engine
- the second model in the military vehicle series - the Pz.Kw.V Panther Tank
- a new range of Historic Clock Kits.

See ModelWorks' Latest Advert

ModelWorks Product Quality Survey
Find out what customers are saying about the quality of the new company's products by clicking here!

'Click the Pic' to see the latest pictures of Greg Jarossy's excellent Tiger Tank

You can now contact ModelWorks (the new owners of Winson Model Technology) by e-mailing them on or click
the graphic below to be taken to their web site at

Their address is: ModelWorks International Ltd, 3 Riley Close, Royal Oak Industrial Estate, Daventry NN11 5QT Telephone: +44 (0)1327 301030

Purpose of this Web Site
This is a privately run web site* for the owners of kits produced by Winson Model Technology Ltd and ModelWorks International Limited.  Its aim is to publish information for the assistance, convenience and interest of Winson's former and ModelWorks' current and future customers.  If anyone has any information (or knows where it can be obtained) that they think could be useful, please would they send in their suggestions by e-Mail.  It would also be interesting to hear from anyone who has any ideas about how this site can be improved.

Contributions needed from YOU!
The usefulness of this website is proportional to the amount and diversity of  information contained within it.  An important source of information is of course the owners of Winson models themselves.  The house magazine 'Fastrack' used to provide an excellent source of this sort of information but has not been published for some time.  Therefore, please consider writing an article or submitting build photographs about your Winson model for inclusion in these pages.  From the feedback that I have already received I know that people will appreciate your experience.  I can accept text in just about any format and photos preferably in .JPG or .GIF formats.  If you want to contribute, or even just considering it, please send an e-mail to

This site is dedicated to my long suffering wife Fenella who now feels that the only way to get a response from me is to send me an e-mail with the word 'Winson' in the subject line!


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*Please note that I have no affiliation with Winson, Trentmere or ModelWorks and in no way represent any part of their company or any company associated with them.  Any information published on this Internet site cannot be relied upon as 'gospel' and anyone with any doubts should consult ModelWorks International Limited or their representatives for further information.  If you feel that any information shown on this site is inaccurate, please let me know.